Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank You everyone for a great show!!

Welcome to our new location! The Dundalk Moose Lodge has opened its doors for the Mobtown Greaseball, bringing it back to Dundalk. The Karb Kings appreciates you hardcore hot rodders, beaters, kustom kats, and gearheads for running your rides and toting your junk to make it out to our show!
This event raises money for the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore's ZOOmobile. The ZOOmobile brings educational, entertaining and interactive programs featuring live animals to city and county schools, day care centers, senior centers, and community events.
The Karb Kings pride themselves in supporting local businesses, bands, bars and hot rod connoisseurs from the Mobtown area. Our goal is to bring the car kulture scene back to Mobtown and help it grow.
There are a few people the Karb Kings would like to give an extra special shout out too: Ed Sawyer of the Dundalk Moose Lodge for allowing us to "take over", McAvoy's for the Pre-party, Amy Feline and Coors Light, Mad Dog Graphics for the killer shirts, Atomic Cheesecake Studios, Mike Gilliam at Gilley's Catering, Professor Ouch for allowing us to twist his arm to emcee the Ms. Greaseball Pinup Contest, Bubs at Mobtown Originals for engraving all of the trophies and Vince Sneed for doing a great job on our program once again. And to all of our volunteers - thank you for your blood, sweat, flat tires and first borns!
We also would like to give a great big shout out to the bands that played at this years Mobtown Greaseball..... The Motorettes and Sasquatch and the Sickabillys for officially opening the Kustom Car show at the Friday night pre-party at McAvoy's. Then at the after-party at the Moose Lodge, we'd like to thank The Tonehounds, The Brokedown Playboys, JP McDermott & Western Bop, The Ultra Kings, and The Garnet Hearts!
So, to everyone who has helped, promoted, advertised, supported, reviewed, played, and otherwise enjoyed, the Mobtown Greaseball... THANK YOU!
See ya next year!

the 12th Annual Mobtown Greaseball: After-Party Pics!

the 12th Annual Mobtown Greaseball: Trophy Presentation

Old School winner
Stocker winner
Dump Runner winner
2 Wheeler winner
2 Doors 2 Many winner
Hot Rod winner
Beater winner
Kustom winner
Unlucky 13 winner
Beefcake winner
Drop Top winner
Baddest Bomb winner
High Rent winner
Grocery Getter winner
"Shopboy" Frank's Top Pick winner
Karb Kings CC Virginia Top Pick winner

the 12th Annual Mobtown Greaseball: Miss Greaseball Pin-up Contest

the 4 beautiful finalists!
....and the winner is.....
Congrats Linda!!! She's Miss Greaseball 2009!
Miss Greaseball 2008 Jessica Lynn with the newly crowned Miss Greaseball 2009 Linda