Monday, September 26, 2011

Mobtown Greaseball Pin-up Contest

The Mobtown Greaseball pin-up contest has been been a part of our show for 6 years. We're happy to support it, and have the support of the beautiful ladies who make it possible. We know that getting up in front of a crowd of strangers isn't easy, and that to do so for the sole purpose of being judged by them isn't something for everyone. For those of you that have the confidence to do so, our hats are humbly off to you. Having personally stood on stage at the Hotrod Hoedown years ago, I know first-hand what that feels like.

We've had 6 lovely ladies grab the crown and sash, and over the years have refined our contest to make things fun for the spectators and fair for the entrants. We'll never please everyone, but we take this seriously.

Here's a list of the ladies who have held the title-

Miss Mobtown Greaseball 2006- Sable Sin Cyr

Miss Mobtown Greaseball 2007- Wendy McCord

Miss Mobtown Greaseball 2008- Jessica Lynn

Miss Mobtown Greaseball 2009- Linda Jones

Miss Mobtown Greaseball 2010- Raellen

Miss Mobtown Greaseball 2011- Lori Lou

For the first 4 contests, we used the traditional format of "crowd participation" to determine the winner. The crowd really liked to participate, but what we learned over the years is that it was really hard to determine who was really getting the most "noise" from where we stood on the stage with them. We also realized that this format could allow contestants to "stack the vote" by bringing extra friends to the stage to yell for them. Our contest has NEVER been about popularity, so we decided to make it more fair by changing the system to a panel of Judges for the 2010 contest.

The panel is made up by a group of folks that really know vintage styling and the fashions of the 1940's and 50's. Some of these people are vendors, but none of them are directly affiliated with the Karb Kings or any of the sponsors of the contest. They are generally friends of the club and patrons of our event, but are generally outsiders from the general scene. We choose them because of their knowledge, impartiality, and because they're nice people that have the background to assess the entrants based on their overall presentation, and NOT based on anything ELSE.

If you want to win the pin-up contest, you MUST work hard to look as period-correct as possible. This means that you're wearing era-correct fashions, shoes and accessories AND have put a real effort into your hair and make-up.We want you to look like you could have been a pin-up back in the 40's or 50's. If you get up on stage with a sundress from Target and throw a flower in your hair, you'll be at a major disadvantage with the judges over the girl in fully-fashioned stockings and rag-rolled curls. These details are JUST as important as the details on a winning car... a car with lots of home-brewed ingenuity, fabrication and customization will ALWAYS win over a mostly-stock car at our show.

The judges are specifically instructed to look for these details, along with general stage presence and poise. This is not about who has the best boobs or best ass. It's not about who is the skinniest or prettiest, or who shakes her ass the most on stage-- it's about caring ENOUGH about the era to do it proud. We are passionate about these eras and want our Ms. Greaseball to honor them enough to do her homework.

Every year, SOMEBODY seems to have something to say about who won. You can't please all people all the time, and we aren't stupid enough to try. If you don't like the contest, don't watch it. If you don't win and think there was some injustice about that, you can either try again next year or never get on the stage again. The contest is FAIR and every winner has won it fair and square based on our rules at the time of the contest.

To those of you that have less-than-positive things to say about ANY of our winners, I challenge you to get on the stage next year to see what that feels like. And it you've been on the stage and have subsequently been a sore-loser, do us and yourself a favor to stay off of it in the future. We want real LADIES to win, not people that are jealous, catty, haters.

With all the above being said, I personally want to Congratulate this year's winner, The Lovely Miss Lori Lou. I'll be shooting her for Retro Lovely in the months to come and will be sure to share her photos with you.

Thanks again to all the sponsors of this event. We couldn't do it without you!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns that are actually useful, feel free to send them to me.



  1. This should be posted every year before the show! Well said Stacey and congrats to Lori!